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Mariels Music

16-year-old singer/songwriter Mariel started recording music when she was nine years old. At the ripe age of ten, she performed at the New York Nicks half-time show. She is now an emerging star in the new music world of social media. Mariel is a verified, crowned, “Muser” and host of the globally syndicated show "Jukebox Countdown" on TV every week. Mariel has headlined the Camplified Tour, singing for thousands of teens and tweens.

Mariel’s outgoing, upbeat personality infuses her music -- she calls herself a true Aries, an energetic being who “makes waves.” Music is her form of expression -- she wants to entertain, make people smile, and even shock them. Her next big thing? Stay tuned for Indie Pop music with a good beat and lyrics that will make you look at life differently.

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